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message from sage hawk's president


Dear Reader,


Much like my last address in 2020, I’d like to begin by thanking those who have been following the progress of Sage Hawk since our founding. I make special mention of this once more because so much has happened over the span of the previous few years. From the rise of the coronavirus to its nearing endemic status and America’s economic woes to foreign wars and civil unrest, the entire nation is feeling the strain of difficulties across every front. However, as the world continues to adapt to unfolding events,


Sage Hawk has not forgotten those individuals and communities who have endured hardships long before these waves of current events. Now more than ever, this Foundation recognizes the need for technology education, compassion, motivation, a hopeful future full of opportunities.

My last announcement mentioned our suspension of technology courses until the Coronavirus situation eased. Now, after years of uncertainty, enduring difficulties, and adjusting to a “new normal”, the world is finally easing back into normalcy and Sage Hawk is pleased to announce that we’re prepared to do the same. As of this moment, we plan to launch courses this summer of 2022 with more details to follow. In addition, we are currently reviewing and revising our syllabi, researching potential partnerships, seeking extensive counsel, and preparing to enhance our operations through many other exciting new changes.


For those interested in enrolling for courses, investment opportunities, flexible employment, participating in our mission, or requesting more information, please email us at and we’ll be happy to connect with you as soon as we can.

Once again, we thank you for your time and attention as we strive to continue growing and helping underserved communities learn and grow.

Connor L. Gilchrist, President
The Sage Hawk Foundation

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