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The Sage Hawk Foundation is a Native American-Serving (non-tribally controlled) public charity; 501(C)3. We were incorporated as a Delaware nonprofit on October 18, 2016. As stated on our main page, Sage Hawk offers free, in-person basic computer and financial literacy training to Native American Citizens. Even though our foundation is tailored towards assisting Native Americans, Sage Hawk does not discriminate or prevent anyone from attending our courses.


No prerequisites are required and we teach from the ground up. The course itself is a short, but intensive "boot camp-styled" class only a month long. We focus on Microsoft Office applications. The only thing we ask of our students is to arrive with a desire to learn and a serious commitment to complete the course. In some cases, we can even provide our graduates with job placement assistance where they can use their newly-learned computer skills to secure a job that uses the skills we teach in the area they live. The goal is a higher quality of life in a job with higher pay, and potential for growth. We make no guarantees, but, as with all things, our students will get out of this course what they put into it. 

We invite you to click on the ABOUT tab above and explore our past achievements. Visit our sponsors, past and present because they have been very supportive of us. In the meantime, please watch this video clip by our friend and actor, Mr. Peter Coyote. 

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